Aloha Families — We are planning for our next school year and want to know what you are thinking about next school year.  We anticipate a full return to school.  However, as we know from experience that the Covid pandemic has at times been unpredictable and we have had to be flexible and fluid.  We also know that we have tried some very innovative approaches to our schedule and we have seen success with many of our students with the different scheduling options.  

We also know that children need to be in face to face school.  With approved safety measures we can minimize the risks of transmission of Covid-19 as well as other illnesses.  Current primary safety migitation include: 1) Staying Home if sick;  2) Distancing — 3-6 feet, as best as possible; 3) Mask wearing; 4) Hand sanitizing.  

To help with our planning for the next school year, please complete this brief survey.  THIS IS A SURVEY ONLY AND NOT A REGISTRATION FORM.   We will NOT be asking for any student names at this time.  

This survey will help us plan.  We want to know what parents, as a group, are thinking.  We will also look at our teacher staff and see what we are able to support and provide for instruction.  

NOTE: We will NOT be offering a Full Virtual Program next school year.  
Also, BUS TRANSPORTATION will be only at the morning before school 7:00 and after school at 2:45pm.  There will be NO mid-day transportation. 

Please complete 1 survey per child.  Please complete this survey by April 19th, 2021

If your child is NOT RETURNING to Kualapuu next year, you do not need to complete this form.  

If you have questions, please contact School Principal Lydia Trinidad, if you have questions.  Email:  [email protected]

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Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School