Aloha Families — Do you want your child to have an introduction to learning Hawaiian language?  This is the on-line application for 21st Century School enrollment for a very special course offered only to all Kualapuu students Pre-kindergarten through 6th.  This is an on-line self paced, asyncronous course.  Students who complete all modules will receive a certificate of completion.  Registration fees will be paid for by the Molokai Complex 21st Century funds.  Deadline to apply is July 6th, 2021.  

What should I know before we begin? 

  • The Keiki Program Level 1 is an online course to learn beginning Hawaiian language taught by Kumu Maile Naehu. The program has 8 modules with two lessons per module, 16 classes(about 20-35 minutes in length) in total to learn beginning ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi!  

Check out the video –> Intro to Keiki program video:

Whatʻs included in the Keiki Program?

  • 16 Pre-recorded haʻawina-lessons w/ instructional for worksheets
  • Haʻawina – supplemental worksheets for practice 
  • Hana Hoʻoikaika – supplemental activity sheets 
  • Mahina Journal – Lunar phase observation journal
  • Vocabulary Flashcards for each module 
  • ʻŌlelo Noʻeau Coloring pages
  • Stand alone videos to practice oli (chant) and mele(song)

How much time should I spend on each module?

  • It should take about an hour of video viewing to watch the 2 lessons in each module. 
  • It should take about an hour to complete the supplementary worksheets, coloring pages, and activity sheets.
  • In total you will spend about 2 hours per module.  It may vary if you decide to watch the videos more than once, practice more often, or spend more time coloring all the fun coloring pages and playing with your flashcards!   Special Note:  If you do not have a printer at home, the school can make copies of the worksheets.  

For questions on the course content, please contact Kumu Maile Naehu at [email protected].

If you enroll your child in this course, you must agree to

  • Provide support to your child at home by having internet access and a device to participate;  
  • Complete all lessons by the deadline of July 31, 2021;  
  • Communicate with our 21st Century staff about your child’s participation by documenting your child’s completing a google spreadsheet
  •  Attend a MANDATORY parent orientation via Zoom, date/time of meeting is to be determined.  Please note:  Failure to meet expecations may prevent your child’s participation in future on-line activities sponsored by 21st Century funding.  

Please fill out 1 form per child. — >

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions about enrollment and expectations.  

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School