Aloha Families — Here is an electronic copy of the 3rd Quarter AfterSchool Classes and Application.   A hardcopy application will be sent home with your child.  For classes, applications are accepted first come, first served.  Final decisions on enrollment will be made by the school principal.  

  • Please note that there are 2 archery classes–Beginner and Advanced.  You must have already taken the beginner class to take the advanced class.  SPECIAL NOTE: FOR GRADES FOR 4, 5, AND 6TH.  STUDENTS MUST REAPPLY.

  • We also have 2 classes of ceramics/arts–a Thursday and Friday class.  Please sign up for 1 class only.  

Please visit link –>

Thank you for enrolling your child in our 21st Century afterschool classes.  


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School