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  • E Ho’oulu Kakou Garden class added;
  • Correction to Board Games Class — Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Not Tues & Wed)


Aloha Families –This is the on-line application for 21st Century School enrollment for 4th Quarter April 4- May 20, 2022.  Classes are Face to Face.  All students must wear masks indoors.  First come first served.  Complete 1 application per child.   There is NO TRANSPORTATION offered, and parents must drop off and pick up children.  Also, NO SNACKS are being provided.  Students must bring their own water bottle and snacks.  All classes are limited capacity because of distancing requirements in each facility. 

Complete 1 form per child.  Please complete form by Friday, April 1st.  –> https://forms.gle/gfGEjMSXjvLJRyKz9

Note for Enrollment:  For Molokai Arts Center, priority will be for students who have not been enrolled in Ceramics in previous semesters.  Please complete form by Friday, April 1st. (Or until filled, limited enrollment up to 9 students.)

Questions?    Please contact [email protected].hi.us (Principal) and [email protected].us  (After School Aide)

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School