Apologies for the lat notice — This is for Molokai Transportation Bus Company

There will be a change in today Thursday January 9, and Friday January 10, 2020 afternoon pick up schedule for #16 ROUTE #MR03 Puuhauoli/Kalamaula Afternoon only.

ROUTE MR03 #16 PUUHAUOLI/ KALAMAULA will ride BUS #18 on Thursday, January 9, and Friday, January 10, 2020 in the AFTERNOON only..
BUS#18 MR02 KALAE will first drop off Kalae students and then return to pickup MR03 Puuhauoli/Kalamaula students after about a 20 minutes wait.
This is for only ROUTE MRO3 Puuhauoli/Kalamaula students only..
Any questions/concerns can call Ronette @ 646-1002.
Thank you for your flexibility..



Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School