Aloha to Families of Hoolehua Half-Day Afternoon Students–  Thank you for your calls and concerns about bus pick up service for Half-Day Afternoon Students.   We have clarified a few things.  Please read carefully. There are 2 routes:

  • KR05C (Moomomi Ave and Anakahi to Kualapuu School)– The route starts are 10:51am
  • KR04C (Moomomi Ave and Kumaka Place to Kualapuu School) — The route starts at 11:00am

Also, please make sure your children are visible to the bus driver.  Please wait safely on the curb/roadside.  (Note: A new bus company, Spencers Bus Transporation, is operating the route so there are new bus drivers.)


Please call or email Fiona Benjamin at 567-6900 or [email protected] if you have Bus Transportation questions.  

Thank you for your patience as we get the new school year started. 

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School