‘A‘ohe ‘ulu e loa‘a i ka pōkole o ka lou
(There is no success without preparation)


Aloha Families — I hope you are all at home staying safe, yet comfortable in your homes.  We have spent the week since our return to school on March 30th preparing for your child’s distance learning enrichment activities.  By now, your child’s homeroom teacher should have connected with you either by email, text, phone, and even person to person.  If your child’s teacher has not connected with you, or you have been out of touch, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].  Our goal is for us to connect with 100% of our students’ families.  

Our distance learning opportunities will come in at least 2 methods–enrichment learning packets (hard copies) and/or web-based links.  

Packet Pick Up:

Our first learning packet pick up is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th.  Please drive to the school, and a staff member will be meeting your car to get your children’s names.  Your child’s learning packets will be brought to your car.  Here is the scheduled time for pick up.  

  • Last names from A-K, pick up is from 8:00-9:30am.
  • Last names from L-Z, pick up is from 9:30-11:00am.  

(If you children have different last names, we can accommodate the pick up.) 

Please be patient as we work through this procedure.  If your child’s teacher did not communicate to you if there is a packet or supply pick up, then you do NOT have items to pick up on Tuesday.  Also, if you do not feel comfortable leaving your home for the learning packet created by your teacher.  The packets will be held for you, until such time it is safe for you to leave  your home.  


The second opportunity for enrichment learning is via our Kualapuu e-learning site.  On this web-page we have listed all of our teachers so you don’t have to look for various email from your child’s teacher, especially if you have two or more children at the school.   Each teacher has created learning opportunities for your child.  If you have questions about the learning activities,  please email your child’s teacher.  Each teacher has carefully put together the learning activities so children can have fun, can maintain the academic learning they have so far, and in some cases can have challenging work.  Our e-learning page can be accessed here https://www.kualapuucharterschool.org/e-learning/. The e-learning page will be LIVE on April 6th, at 6pm.  Stay tuned!  

Technology Devices:

A final note on tablet and chromebook devices:  For those families who requested a tablet or chromebook, we have ordered individual chargers for these devices and we are waiting for shipment.  We still need to review our list and a scheduled time for tablet/laptop pick up will be made.  We anticipate that distribution will be during the week of April 13-20th. More information on this is forthcoming.

We want to thank all of you for your patience as we move through this unprecedented world event.  Please remember that these activities are made for your child’s enjoyment and learning, and we do not intend to overwhelm you and your child.  Please keep in touch with your child’s teacher so they can help you with your child’s learning needs.  Stay Safe!


On behalf of the Staff of Kualapu’u Charter School–Welcome Back to School!


Loretta Sherwood, Vice Principal
Lydia Trinidad, Principal


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School