Aloha Families — This is an follow up email on possible Hand Foot and Mouth disease.

This is just to notify you that we are in communication with families who have shared diagnosis that their children have conditions “most consistent with hand foot and mouth” or “most likely is hand, foot and mouth.”  This is less than a handful of children.

However, we are also experiencing a high volume of children who are not feeling well, and are sick, possibly with the flu.  Please remind your child to practice good hygiene and no sharing of eating or drinking items.  Frequent hand washing with soap is a good deterrent of any germs.  Finally, the weather has been very cold and windy so please dress your children properly with footwear, pants/or leg covering, and a jacket with a hood.   

Please contact Nohea Deponte, School Health Aide, if you have questions or follow up.   

Thank you,
Lydia Trinidad

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School