Aloha Families — Thank you for your patience as we closed school today because our toilets were not working properly due to low water pressure.  We encountered the low water pressure and notified Hawaiian Homes of this issue at about 9:00am.  The low water pressure started impacting our bathrooms at about 9:30am.  The low water pressure was the result of a broken water pipe not on the school campus.  Since there was no repair timeline, it was decided to send students home.  Our procedure for notifying families of school closure is as follows: 
  • Schoolmessenger email was sent out at 9:41
  • Facebook post also sent after 9:41
  • Many teachers also contact parents of students in their homerooms
  • Students who were not picked up by families, or not going home on the 10:45am bus, the school called home for pick up.  
  • The last student was picked at about 12:30pm
  • Lunch was served to students who were on campus
  • Half Day Afternoon students — We will adjust the attendance for these students for Friday, April 16th so your child will NOT be marked absent. 
We thank you for your patience and understanding as we did our best to send home about 250+ students safely and in an orderly fashion.  Our water was restored to full service at about 12:00 noon.  Classes will resume Monday, April 19, 2021.
Have a great weekend!

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School