Aloha Families – Sometimes this feels like an uphill battle, but this is a friendly reminder that children need to wear foot wear to school.  We have many children that come to school without foot wear, have foot wear but they take it off at recess or PE, or just simply lose their footwear because they just take it off.  Children need to have footwear because lack of footwear is a safety issue.  We do our best to remind children to put on their footwear.  We also have a limited supply of donated slippers if children need footwear.  However, we need your help!!!

Please help us by talking to your children by stressing that it is important to

  • Wear footwear in school;
  • Wear footwear/play shoes in PE, recess, and during basketball because the court is hot
  • Wear footwear when going to the bathroom  (yes, some of our children think nothing of walking into the bathroom without footwear.)

Also, we will be doing our practice evacuation drill where we will be walking to Kualapuu Rec Center on Monday, December 16th, between 8am-10am.  We expect all children to have foot wear.  Thank you.


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School