Aloha Families — We are opening up Grab N Go meals for this week — parents may pick up lunch and breakfast for their children from 10:00-10:30am.  This is for ANY student who needs a meal, as long as they are not in school. Please follow the procedure:

  • Please drive up to the school cafeteria, and tell us your child’s name.  (For non-Kualapuu children, or non-school aged students, we may have you fill out a form.)

  • We ask for your understanding and patience if we are not quick in getting your child’s Grab-n-Go lunch.  Your child does not have to be in the vehicle.  

  • If you are late, or come AFTER the designated 10:00-10:30 pick up time, we may not be able to accommodate your pick up until later.  We start our regular in-school service at 10:45pm.  


Thank you for your help with keeping our children and our community safe.  


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School