Aloha Families — Mahalo for supporting your children in their home learning environments.  It’s been great to hear about how families are bonding together and encouraging learning–and our teachers are helping to provide guidance for you and your child.  We believe that a child’s first and primary teachers are the parents and the family– and that’s a FACT!  Mahalo again!

Learning Packets:  Our next packet pick up is on Monday, April 20th, 9-12 noon.  Please check with your child’s teacher if there any additional learning packets for April 20th, 9-12pm.  (We will close promptly at 12 noon, so please be on time.)

Computers:  For those families who received an email from Vice-Principal Loretta Sherwood, your computers are also ready for pick up.  If you DID NOT get an email to pick up a computer, it’s either because you did not request or your computer is not ready.  If you would like to request a computer, please complete the 3rd Request form at –>

DOE SCHOOLS Closed for the remainder of the school year:  It’s official–DOE Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year which ends on May 28th.  Kualapuu School’s official end date for students is June 3rd.  Kualapuu School will continue with our distance learning activities through May.  Please stay tuned for our email updates if our State’s Covid-19 situation changes.

6th Grade Graduation:  Finally, we have not forgotten about our 6th graders.  We will consult with our 6th grade teachers on how they want to plan for any type of “graduation” for the 6th graders.  Please stay tuned for this topic in future email.  

Finally, if you have NOT heard from your child’s teacher or if you have any questions about your child’s distance learning activities, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] so we can follow up.  

Mahalo and Stay Safe!

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School