Aloha Families — Kualapuu School seems to be the place for our neighbor island schools to visit when coming to Molokai for Makahiki season. 
We are expecting visitors from Kamehameha Maui, Puohala, Nahienaeha, and Paia (all Kaiapuni Students). 
We would appreciate any help you can by bringing fresh lei (ti leaf, plumeria, any fresh lei) on Thursday, January 24th.  WE NEED ABOUT 200 LEI.
Please bring to Kumu Piliana’s class in the morning.  
Let’s show our ALOHA to our visitors from ALL of us Kualapuu and Kula Kaiapuni o Kualapuu!  
If you have questions, please contact Kumu Piliana Starkey at [email protected].

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School