Aloha!  It seems that there may have been misunderstandings about our intent of this May Day video.  This video does not look like a “traditional” May Day.  We have not had any “May Day” type of celebration in two years.  This year, we chose to have a “May Day” video to share what our students have learned in hula, oli, and mele as a culminating event.  We apologize for any confusion.  


This is the official video of our 2022 May Day performances in combination with our annual Kula Kaiapuni La Ali’i performance.  

Special Note:  La Ali’i is an annual performance based curriculum where each Kaiapuni class is required to learn and perform in front of a live audience as an assessment requirement.  Kaiapuni chose to use this assessment performance as their submission to the school May Day video.  However, please be aware that this was not a separate May Day event.  In years past Kaiapuni has always had additional performance requirements beyond May Day, this year was no exception.

Furthermore, given the uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided against a large, full scale May Day.  More importantly, we are pleased to share that ALL of our student “May Day” performances were more in-depth and built in connection with the ‘Ike Hawaii lessons they had throughout the year.  So this is a culmination of learning and performance, not just for this video, but also to share what they have learned in addition to other academics like reading, writing, math, and other activities.  

Also for the first time, some of the classes went on field trips to learn about the different wahi pani (special places) related to their mele, hula, chant, or ‘oli.  This made the performances more meaningful to the students.  So because of the pandemic, we did a few things differently this year.   We hope that you enjoy what the teachers and students have put together as a class performance.  

We hope that in 2023 we will be able to resume our “traditional” May Day celebration – live, in person, and on campus. 

The video is now live at:


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School