Aloha Families — We have a LIMITED number of MiFi devices available for student use.  MiFi’s are small devices that allow for internet service.  If you currently do not have internet at home, and you would like to be considered for the opportunity, please complete the form.  The purpose of the devices are for students who do not have internet at home, have responsible adults at home who will monitor the use of the devices, and will help their child complete school assignments.   Please apply by Monday, April 26th, 2021.  Thank you. 

Click on form here — >

Special Note:  The MiFi’s use Verizon serivce.  If you currently have Verizon service in your area, then the devices will definitely work.  If you do not have any cell service in your area, then the MiFi’s will have limited service. 

If you have questions, please contact School Principal Lydia Trinidad, if you have questions.  Email:  [email protected]

We thank the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation for supporting this opportunity for our students.


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School