Aloha Families —   This is just for your information.

At 10:30am today, Monday, November 8th, a teacher reported that a student brought a military ordinance to school to show to the class.  Upon notification, I personally removed the miliary ordinance from off campus.  The police were called, determined that the item was a practice ordinance, and took the device for disposal.  The police determined that the device was a practice ordinance and was NOT a “live” device.  The item looked like a old, rusty, WWII mortar rocket.  

Many homes may also have a replica, ornamental, and even “old” ordinances sitting on a shelf.  Sometimes these devices are found in the ground, around homes and even in open fields.  If you come across these devices, please call the Molokai police department.  MPD has protocol for removing these devices.  

Please also remind your child not to bring these items to school even if the items fake, for practice, or old.  

Thank you,

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School