Aloha Families of Grade 4 (Mrs. Aki’s class, F3) — 

I would like to notify you that your child will have a new teacher starting 2nd Quarter, October 14th.  Your child’s new teacher will be Ms. Sarah (Sahagun) Smith.  Ms. Smith is originally from Molokai, returning to Molokai from Florida with her family.  Sarah is the daughter of Pastor Robert and Lani Sahagun.  Ms. Smith is a licensed teacher, and has taught Reading/Writing Workshop (our new literacy program) before.  We hope to introduce Ms. Smith to the students within the next two days of school.  We are excited to have her start at Kualapuu.

I would like to give a special thank you to Catherine Aki who held the class together while we looked for a teacher.  Ms. Aki did a tremendous job in keeping the class together and providing instruction to our students for the full first quarter.  Please thank her when you see her around school and in the community.  I know I appreciated Ms. Aki’s dedication and steadiness during this search.  Mrs. Aki is a strong supporter of our school.

We will work with both Mrs. Aki and Mrs. Smith to assure a smooth transition for the children.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Lydia Trinidad

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School