Aloha Families — Here is a weekly update of our school opening planning.  We are starting to flesh out the details.  We expect to have information and updates weekly.  Here are some frequently asked questions: 

  • If you missed our Parent Meeting on July 13th, 3-4pm, here is a recording of the meeting.  Thank you to the 25+ participants who asked questions and gave feedback. Video link –>
  • School Supply List–When will this be available? :  The school supply list will be available after July 30th.  
  • When do children return to school:  Full operational return to school is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th.  
    • Special Note:  July 30-August 11 is planned for student assessment, student orientation, parent meetings.  The schedule for these meetings will be forthcoming.  Parents will be expected to provide transportation for their children during this time.  There will be NO BUS service at this time.  
  • I did the enrollment survey.  When do I know what program my child is signed up for?  Beginning July 23rd, the school will be mailing confirmation of each child’s program placement (Full day; Morning half-day 7:45 -10:45 & Afternoon half-day 11:45-2:45pm; Virtual) .  Changes may be requested, but only on availability.  Please look for your child’s letter in the mail.
  • Will bus be available?  Yes, bus will be available for most children.  However, there may be some students where parents will need to provide transportation because of scheduling difficulties.  Children will be REQUIRED to wear masks on the bus.  Bus Service will START on August 12th. 
  • Will school food service be available:  For the July 30-August 11th time period, Kualapuu School will be offering Grab-N-Go breakfast and lunch meals to Kualapuu School registered children only.  More details forth coming.  
  • All NEW request for Geographic Exceptions into Kualapuu School will be reviewed for space availability.
  • There will be another Parent talk story meeting on Monday, July 20th, 3-4pm, if you have questions or clarification.  

Thank you for your patience as we create a new routine for our school and children. Again, please do not hesitate to contact School Administrators if you have any questions. 

[email protected] (Principal) and [email protected] (Vice-Principal)

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School