Aloha Families and Staff — Kualapu`u is accredited elementary school under the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  We earned our accreditation back in June 2016, and earned a seven year term.  Our accreditation involves a 3 year “check-in” which is scheduled for November 13, 2019.  Our school has seven goals to improve.  One of the goals is to find ways to be transparent with communication about decision making, especially with the budget, between administration, staff, and our families and school community.  What have we done since in June 2016 to help with this goal?  We have maintained or implemented the following actions:
  • New and improved website, and integrated email and social media platform for consistent and frequent communication on school events;
  • Semesterly meetings with staff and parents to share budget information, status of fundraising, and reserve funding. (Powerpoint presentation, 2 times per year);
  • Local Advisory Panel Meetings every 2 months to discuss concerns, including budget information (LAP meetings have parent, teacher, staff, and community representatives);
  • Teacher Team Leader Meetings to discuss school plan, budget, including budget;
  • Posting of Yearly Audits on Website;
  • Ho’okako’o Strategic Planning input (2017-2019);
  • Ho’okako’o Executive Director, staff, and boardmember attendance at LAP meetings and parent meetings, and fundraising events;
  • Developed a 3 year academic plan that is shared and reviewed with teachers and staff regularly in planning meetings, faculty meetings, and other school business meetings.
We hope these past actions have helped our school meet Goal #3 of improving transparency and decision making.  However we need your feedback.  This survey is to do a temperature check on how we are doing, and what additional other actions we can do to meet our goal of finding ways to be more transparent with budget and decision making processes.  This survey is only 8 questions long, and should not take more than 2 minutes.  Please complete this survey by Monday, September 16th.  Please click on the link or use the QR Code to take you directly to the survey!
Questions?  Please contact Lydia Trinidad, Principal,  at [email protected] or Loretta Sherwood, Vice-Principal at [email protected]  We can also be reached at the school at 567-6900.  MAHALO for your time!

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School