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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many were forced to educate their children AND work virtually. Those who live on Hawaiian Homelands in Hoolehua, Molokai, Hawaii are limited to internet access that is only provided by Sandwich Isles Communications, Inc. whose bandwidth is performing at a frustratingly low speed. 

Despite numerous pleas and emails to Sandwich Isles, families are unable to efficiently work and learn from home due to the low speeds. While the provider has always had less than ideal service, it wasn’t as apparent or obvious until the pandemic required families to learn and work from home full-time.

Imagine having school-age children AND at least one telecommuting, working parent in a household with all Zooms/Google Meets lagging or frozen. How are our children suppose to learn and how are our parents going to work under these conditions that REQUIRE decent internet services? 

We are not complaining about our Netflix or Disney+ buffering, that’s happened for YEARS! However, when the terrible service affects our children’s ability to learn and our parents’ ability to provide safely from home this is beyond unacceptable. 

WE REQUIRE AN IMPROVED INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER to properly work and learn from home.

We, the homesteaders of Hoolehua, petition for the removal of Sandwich Isles Communication, Inc. as the provider OR that the current provider offer a service that is adequate for today’s needs.



Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School