Proposed Policy on the Purpose of Charter Schools: Opportunity for Public Feedback–Forwarding message from the Hawaii Board of Education.

In April 2018, the Board of Education released a survey to the education community and the general public to gather input to help develop a policy that specifies public charter schools’ place in the public education system. After analysis of the feedback and further engagement with the State Public Charter School Commission, Board Chairperson Catherine Payne is planning to propose a policy to the Board for adoption. However, she would first like to provide the education community and public an opportunity to review the analysis and draft proposal and provide any comments.

The summarized survey results, analysis, and proposed policy can be found in this draft memorandum. Anyone interested in providing comments on the proposed policy or other contents of the draft memorandum should do so by Friday, April 26, 2019 via email to [email protected]. Please feel free to let others whom may be interested know about this public feedback opportunity.

Charter School Purpose Policy Memo (draft).pdf 

Board of Education Support Office

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School