Aloha Families — We have students do Perception surveys in school.  In addition to the surveys, we had student focus groups facilitated by our Vice-Principal Sherwood.  In these focus groups of 40 students, the students shared that there is a lot of teasing and bad language.  We would like to mitigate the bad language and teasing so that our students feels safe on campus.  Some of the recent actions we have done is frequent reminder during our morning piko to be safe.  A more recent initiative is that we are encouraging students report to teachers, support staff, and administration if they hear their classmates using bad language or tease others.  If a student is reported to use bad language or teasing, the students will report to the administration to discuss the issue.  If needed, the students saying the bad language and/or teasing will miss recess and will have to write kindness notes to others to give back to our school community.  It seems that there may be a cluster of children that have more unsafe behaviors than others, so we are reaching out to parents to help us work with their children.  

Sometimes this feels like an uphill battle, but we want to make our school campus safe.  We need your help in helping your children manage their language and behavior at home and outside of school.  Also, as spring break is around the corner, it seems that some of the negative incidents occur outside of school (at the park, parties, on social media) and as a result affect the safe behavior at school.  So please watch your children during the break.

Of course, I want to end on a positive note.   There are definitely positives and bright spots.  These highlights include:

  • Students feel that their teachers are teaching them;
  • Teacher and Student relationship are positive;
  • Students feel there are rigorous classroom expectations;
  • Students feel it is important to do well in school;
  • Students feel school is valuable to their future.  
Thank you for your support.  We want to keep you informed. Our staff really makes an effort to help the social and emotional needs of all of our children.  
Have a great Spring Break,
Loretta Sherwood
Lydia Trinidad






Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School