Aloha Families – This is just a friendly reminder to monitor your children’s belongings because sometimes children bring adult things to school.  It is not frequent that these incidents occur, but it has happened.  Some of these items include knives, bullets, vaping paraphernalia, cigarettes, and even alcohol (brought in water bottles) and marijuana.  It is unfortunate that some of these things exist in our children’s lives.   Some children bring these items to school either innocently for show and tell, or intentionally. 

Most recently, elementary students have access to vaping devices and these are being brought to school.  Students get these things from other classmates in our own school or students from other schools, older students or family members, from homes, and may be taken from adults without permission.  Some of these items are also traded and/or sold among students.  We do ask children to tell us if there is something illegal brought to school.  When we have information we will investigate, and follow up as necessary.  We appreciate you help to keep your children and all of our children safe.  

If you would like to talk to your children about the dangers of vaping, please visit this YouTube video  –>
(Of course there are many other resources you can research.)

Finally, in the event that children bring or partake in these illegal acts on school campus, parents are notified, disciplinary action is taken when appropriate, and when necessary, police are notified.   

For more information about school rules and discipline, please visit the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact Lydia Trinidad, Prinicipal at 567-6900, or email at [email protected] 

Thank you again for your help.


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School