Aloha Families — This is a survey for parents/families to see if you are willing to have a early release day for your child on Friday, May 3rd, after our May Day program.  Typically after our May Day program, many of our parents take our students out of school after the May Day program.  In addition, May Day is such an exciting day with a lot of preparation prior, the time after May Day our May Day program is not filled with intense instruction.  We would like to propose that Friday, May 3rd become an Early Release Day and students will be release at 12:30pm on this day.  We will be serving lunch as usual, and our bus schedule will be adjusted accordingly.   Also, please know that this will be a regular work day for staff with normal working hours.  Staff will not be release early.   Please provide your input by Friday, April 5th, 4pm.  

Survey link –>

If you have a question, or need clarification, please contact Lydia Trinidada, Principal, at [email protected].  Thank you for your consideration. 


Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School