Aloha Families — 
With the new school year, we have also started a new recess routine. In an effort to support increased student safety – physical and emotional (teasing/bullying) AND increased learning time in class – we have implemented a structured recess program. 
Recess is a favorite time of day for most of our children.  However, our student survey data also shows that many students feel less safe at this time compared to other campus settings. Additionally, many issues  that start at recess time tend to need to into class/learning time.  So with this new structured recess combined with starting the year with “recess training,” our students will feel safer and there will be increased learning time.
We know that students have different interests during their free time so there will be a few different options during recess:
  • Grades 3-6 will include a supervised game (soccer, 4-square, paniolo tag, basketball in-out, etc), walking or running laps, and a doing quiet activities (reading/pogs/kendama/legos) in the quiet zone
  • Grades K-2 have supervised playground, hoptscotch, jump rope and hula hoop time.

Our students have spent two days in “recess training” to learn about the procedures during recess.  On Monday, August 5th games will be introduced.  Then on the week of August 12th, we plan to introduce the quiet zone area.  We know that this will take some flexibility on the part of our students and staff.  We will monitor and adjust as needed.  We will also be training our student JPOs so they can provide student leadership and support.  Overall, we hope that this and many of our over efforts will lead to our goals of a safer play area and increased learning time.  

If you have any questions, please contact Loretta Sherwood, Vice-Principal, or Lydia Trinidad, Principal. 
We look forward to a great school year, mahalo for your support! 

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School