Aloha Families – I just wanted to give you an update on our 1st day back in the 2nd quarter.  
  • 155 students reported to school (about 200 absent)
    • 10 Grab-N-Go meals were served.  You can still pick up Grab No Go breakfast/lunch at 10:30am.  Please email [email protected] if you want to reserve your meals for your children
  • 11 staff members were out due to Covid related or other reasons
  • 8 was the average class size
  • 4 classes were closed due to lack of substitutes 
  • 4 classes other classes had substitutes – PE, SpEd, and two 2nd grade classes
Most importantly, 100% of the children who were able to come to school had a GREAT time and it was nice and refreshing to get the students back in school.  The children gave a Thumbs Up for back in school!
Thank you to those who are keeping us informed about your child’s Covid positive or Covid close contacts that have occurred off-campus.  We appreciate your openness and communication.  I know we will get through this!  
Tomorrow, January 5th, Wednesday, is our weekly on campus Covid test for staff and students.  
  • If you signed your child up for Covid testing, but you are keeping your child at home, you can still come to school for a “Drive up” testing for your child at 8:30-9:00am.  Please stay in your car!
  • If you want to register for weekly testing, please pre-register at  (Note:  Please pre-register because there will be no time to pre-register at the school.) 
Also, please get your booster shots if you are eligible.  Also, please consider vaccinations for yourself and for your children.  Vaccinations can help minimize the spread of Covid-19 and help minimize hospitalizations. 
Lydia Trinidad, Principal

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School