Aloha Families — For those of you who submitted bus applications, please be aware of the following:
1.  As you know, this year there will be bus payments for those students who do not qualify for free bus transportation.  You will be receiving a hardcopy letter indicating if your child is a FREE bus rider, or a PAID bus rider.   This letter will be sent by this week Friday, September 10th. 
If your child is a PAID bus rider, please see below.  
  • Quarter 1:  Kualapuu School will cover the cost for bus transportation to and from home only.  If you applied for coupons, you will need to pay for this cost once you are approved. (Sheet of 10 coupons is $10.00)
  • Quarter 2, 3, 4
    • Each Quarter: — Round Trip:  $72.00; One-Way $36.00
    • Please pay by the deadline so there will be ample time to process your child’s bus pass for the next quarter.   
      • For Quarter 2:  Deadline for Payment is September 15, 2021
      • For Quarter 3:  Deadline for Payment is December 15, 2021
      • For Quarter 4:  Deadline for Payment is March 15, 2022
  • All 3 quarters:  Round Trip:  $ 216.00;  One-way– $108.00
2.  NOTICE ABOUT CS-101 (Space Availability Rides) — For those students who want to use the school bus transportation for rides other than from home to school, a CS 101 must be completed and approved by the DOE.  These rides also are NOT free, and coupons must be purchased.  
Please know that CS 101’s have not been approved yet.  Our buses are currently full.  Please DO NOT expect that your child will be able to ride another bus that they are NOT assigned to. 
ALL Checks may be payable to:  Hawaii Department of Education 
Please call or email [email protected] if you have any questions.  

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School