Aloha Families — This is our weekly update.

Click on –> SCHOOL COVID-19 Communication 

Wash Hands, Wear Masks, Watch your Distance, and Keep your children home if sick.

Also, consider vaccinations for those who are eligible.


The following classes are OPEN for this week January 10: 
  • Kinder/Papa M:  Nakayama, Harden, Rawlins
  • Grade/Papa 1:  Galiher, Maioho
  • Grade/Papa 2:  Han, Meriwether (w/ substitute)
  • Grade/Papa 3:  Cummings, Duvauchelle, Lenwai
  • Grade/Papa 4:  Carr, Hyde, Nip-Kanuha
  • Grade/Papa 5:  K Link, S Meriwether
  • Grade/Papa 6:  Camara, Magorien, R Link (w/ substitute)
  • Papa 1– Waialeale — Expected reopen on Tuesday, Jan 11th
  • Grade 2:  Helm  – Expected reopen on Tuesday, Jan 11th
  • Papa 5:  Kumu Starkey; Expected reopen on Wednesday, January 12th
(Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or need assignments.)

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School