Aloha Families — We are fortunate again to have the Pacific Whale Foundation offering free Whale Watch tours on Friday, January 19th, 2019.  Information and permission forms have been sent home in hardcopy.  If you did not receive the information and permission forms, please see this email and the attachments. 

Instructions–The Pacific Whale Foundation is again offering a free whale watch to our students.  There are several things needed to prepare for the whale watch.
1.  There are TWO student permission forms:  a)  PWF Waiver form, 2)  Kualapuu Student Participation and Travel Form.  BOTH OF THESE NEED TO BE COMPLETED.
2.  If you wish to be a chaperone, please contact your child’s teacher.  There is a limited number seats on the boat so we are prioritizing parent chaperones to those parents who have First Responder skills, Fireman, Paramedic, Nurse/Nurse Assistant, Life Guard, and other safety skills.  The classroom teacher has the final say on who the chaperones selected. 
3.  We are also suggesting a $1.00 donation per child to help with the cost of the bus transportation to and from the school.  (Please note: Estimated cost of the bus is over $3.00 per student.)
4.  We highly encourage that every child participate in the whale watch and turn in their permission forms.  In the event that there is a weather change and cancellation, or if your child changes his/her mind about going on the field trip, the $1.00 will be returned to your child. 
ATTACHMENT –>  Whale Watch Jan 2019.pdf
If you have questions, please contact Danialle Dela Cruz at 567-6900, or at [email protected]
Thank you.

Kualapuu Public Charter Elementary School