The school attendance law requires (Hawaii Revised Statutes 302A­‐1132) children who are six years of age and not yet eighteen on or before January 1, of any school year to attend either a public or private school unless properly excused from school. Parents or guardians having responsibility for the care of a child must send the child to school unless exempted by law. Parents or guardians who do not enforce the child’s regular attendance may be guilty of a petty misdemeanor, punishable by a fine or jail time (HRS 302A­‐1135). In addition to police officers, the law places the responsibility for enforcing compulsory attendance with the Department of Education (HRS 302A­‐1136). Toward this end, agreements have been developed with all police departments within the state regarding truant students. DOE may refer students who are chronic absentees to Family Court.


Molokai Attendance Program (MAP) is an early intervention program developed to support families in developing positive attendance habits in order to maximize student instruction, learning and achievement for all students K­‐6th grade. The DOE accountability and improvement system (Strive HI)looks at a student’s total attendance. Whether excused or not, an absence is counted as an absence. Chronic Absenteeism is defined as being absent 15 days or more within the 180 day school year. Ten or less total absences (excused or unexcused) is the ideal. We continue to encourage students to come to school “on time, everyday,” and we appreciate your help in consistently getting your children to school.


  1. After four (4) missed days (either excused or unexcused) or unexcused tardies, parents receive a notification letter with an Attendance Summary.
  2. After six (6) missed days (either excused or unexcused) or unexcused tardies ­‐ A parent conference will be called to discuss the attendance concerns and explain MAP.
  3. After nine (9) missed days (either excused or unexcused) or unexcused tardies ­‐ Level 1: Parents will attend a 4­‐hour Parenting Support Session conducted by the Complex Area Support Team. No children are allowed.
  4. Upon 10 or more unexcused absence/tardy after the Parent Support Session, or if parents don’t attend the Parent Support Session ­‐ Level 2: Parents may be required to attend a two hour Police Class conducted by a Police Officer.
  5. Upon the next unexcused absence or tardy after the Police Class, or if parents don’t attend the Police Class ­‐ Level 3: A referral to Family Court may be made.

Note: The school may process a Family Court Petition on Educational Neglect at any time.
A doctor (dentist) note or a copy of funeral documentation will be considered an excused absence/tardy.
Up to three (3) excused absences will be given for in state, and five (5) absences for out­‐of­‐state funerals.