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Our students come from plantation, gardening, farming, fishing, and hunting lifestyles, and yet eagerly embrace learning opportunities that expand their horizons beyond Molokai. Through the foundations of reading and math, we successfully prepare talented as well as at-risk students for academic success in middle and high schools.

Together, we will nurture our students so they can learn and thrive!

Please join us today by clicking below or by downloading a gift form to securely make your tax-deductible donation that supports the success of our students.  Your gift will ensure our children receive the curriculum, instruction and effective educational innovations that help them achieve success in school and in life.

Support Kualapu`u School’s Endowment Fund

By giving to the Kualapu’u School Endowment Fund you help to ensure Kualapu’u School’s future for generations of students to come. All money raised for the Kualapu‘u Endowment Fund will be grown and preserved for perpetuity. Interest earned on the fund will be used to provide educational programs and experiences for the students of Kualapu‘u School.

Kualapu’u Students in Boston

About Kualapu’u School

Kualapu’u School is an elementary school that serves students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.  The school is 50 years old and has served many generations of families from the central Moloka’i area.

The school has experienced many significant changes in its history such as the school being redistricted to accept more students, the first school to become a “year-round” school, becoming the home to the Hawaiian Language Immersion program, converting from a traditional DOE school to a conversion charter school, opening a four-year old pre-kindergarten program, and most recently, expanding to a longer school As a result of all of these changes and despite an ever competitive educational environment, the school community, where 90% of students are of Hawaiian ancestry and 86% qualify for free-reduced lunch status, has continued to remain supportive of the school and its initiatives.  Kualapu’u School’s mission of providing a strong foundation for learning has truly been solidified in the growth of programs at Kualapu’u so that “with proper nurturing our keiki will be able to discover and grow, develop skills and confidence, and, like the ‘uala, withstand adversity and thrive in an ever-changing world.  Read more at


Kualapu`u School engages in many fundraisers to support our school mission and vision.  Fundraisers may fall into 4 general categories:
School activities which involve individual students, classes, grade levels, and individual school programs.  Examples of these are:

  • East Coast Trips
  • Primary School Adjustment Program
  • Robotics
  • Other school events

These fundraisers MUST be approved by the school administrator and are for specific events and specific students only.  Funds from these approved fundraisers are subject to the procurement processes of the school, and all funds for expenditures are approved by the school principal. It is highly recommended that checks be used to pay for school fundraisers.

Parent Groups, such as PSO and Hui Makua, are recognized parent organizations with the school, but the funds for these fundraisers are NOT under the purview or supervision of the school.  PSO and Hui Makua have their own financial systems.

Annual Fundraisers and Donations:  These fundraisers and donation are organized by the school and/or its non-profit organization, Ho’okako’o Corporation.  The funds from these events are to support school programs such as PreK, PE, Art Classes. Examples of school approved fundraisers are:

  • Ohana Fun Fair
  • Half-Marathon
  • Molokai Metric 100K Bike Ride
  • A Glass For Class

The school also conducts an annual giving drive and solicitations via mailings and newsletters.

Endowment:  More recently, the school has started an Endowment Fund in which funds raised from direct donations and fundraisers will be put into an endowment.  The funds from the Endowment, established through our non-profit 501(c)(3) Hookakoo Corporation, will be used to fund school programs.

Tax deductible donations. Donors may provide monetary gifts and donations for general school programs or operations, or these gifts may be directed by the donor.  These gifts to Kualapuu School or to Hookakoo may be tax deductible as allowable by law. If you wish for your donation to be tax deductible, the donor must make their donation directly to Kualapuu School or Ho’okako’o Corporation.

Personal fundraisers. Please be aware that individual parents and individual organizations may at times have personal fundraisers for their child or groups of children for school-based activities.  These fundraisers may be food plate sales, web-based crowd-funding platforms (such as GoFundMe), and other services. Please be aware that these fundraisers may NOT be official and may NOT be approved fundraisers of the school.  We caution that if you participate in these individual sales, that you know and trust your vendor and seller. The school does not manage the funds of these individual fundraisers. If you are not sure, you may also call the school about the legitimacy of these fundraisers.