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Interdependence Art


Interdependence Art Work Students created a chart illustrating the interdependece between the Iʻiwi bird and the Ohia lehua flower.

Interdependence Art2019-07-27T01:52:27-10:00

Kindergarten Tiger Art


Kindergarten Tigers Art The kindergarteners created tigers hiding behind the leaves and grass of the forest.

Kindergarten Tiger Art2020-11-19T16:21:02-10:00

Embroidery Art


Embroidery Art Students learned how to draw with yarn. Embroidery can teach students to relax, slow down and enjoy each stitch. The results turned out great!

Embroidery Art2019-07-27T01:48:10-10:00

Colorful Faces


Colorful Faces For the 4th quarter students learned about facial proportions and practiced making self-portraits. Our culminating lesson was to create a imaginative and colorful portrait.

Colorful Faces2019-07-27T01:44:31-10:00

Weaving Through the 3rd Quarter


Weaving & Owls 3rd Quarter Art During the 3rd quarter, all students learned how to weave and created some beautiful woven owls and woven buddies. Students were also able to demonstrate their understanding of weaving through drawing.

Weaving Through the 3rd Quarter2019-03-31T03:48:42-10:00

Glass for Class & Pastel Heart Art


Glass for Class & Pastel Hearts Pre-K to 6th Grade Dear Parents, Enjoy some pictures of projects that we created in the last few weeks. One of the fun things we did was decorate bags for our annual “Glass for Class” fundraiser.  Pre-k to 6th-grade students made wonderful drawings on the Glass for Class canvas bags to give each attendee of the event. Students chose what they wanted to draw and did amazing. Each bag is unique and expresses the individuality of the child.  Also, our kindergartener’s created oil pastel hearts just in time for the Valentine's season. Enjoy, Koki [...]

Glass for Class & Pastel Heart Art2019-02-15T13:51:40-10:00

Creating Peace


Creating Peace Pigeons from a book written by Sean Lennon based on his father John Lennonʻs song “Imagine”.

Creating Peace2019-01-14T05:59:14-10:00

Ceramic Handprints


Ceramic Handprints by Mrs. Nakayama and Kumu Johnston’s kindergarten classes

Ceramic Handprints2019-01-14T06:04:03-10:00
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