School Uniform and General Appearance Policy

Goal and Purpose:

It is our belief that at Kualapu`u School/Ke Kula Kaiapuni ‘o Kualapu’u we are one ‘ohana represented by our students, families, staff, and the community.  As one ohana, we diligently strive to uphold high standards in the academic, social, and behavioral domains that will prepare our students to be productive and achieving members of our school and society.  Our School Uniform and General Appearance Policy reflects the message of those standards by encouraging the positive appearance, conduct, and efforts of our students. The purpose of our uniform policy is to create a climate focused on student learning, improve student behavior, support campus safety, reduce dress competitiveness, and improve the sense of ‘ohana, unity, school spirit and pride.  Also, as part of the `ohana, all adults are encouraged to support the School Uniform and General Appearance Policy on our Kualapu`u School campus.

School Uniform Policy:

Kualapu’u School students are required to wear the designated Kualapu’u School uniform supplied by the designated vendor on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays beginning the first day of school. Wednesdays will be free choice days. The General Appearance Policy will still apply on Wednesdays, or other pre­‐approved school­‐wide waiver activities, such as spirit week or Halloween. Students must wear a uniform shirt at all times on campus, field trips, or other school sponsored activities.

Waiver Process

Parents/Guardians and students requesting to be exempt from the Uniform Policy for constitutional or health reasons must:

  1. Complete, sign and return the Uniform Waiver Application forms to the school office within the first two weeks of school (or enrollment if transferred.)
  2. Schedule a meeting with the principal/vice principal to discuss the uniform policy and exemptions request.
  3. If approved, abide by the General Appearance Policy.

The Principal and/or designated school committee will screen applications for approval. Waivers are good for the current school year only and must be resubmitted each school year. Approved waivers may be revoked if the student does not comply with the General Appearance Policy.

General Appearance Policy:

  • All school wear must be appropriate to support the high standards we want to promote at Kualapu`u School.  The General Appearance Policy will apply to all school-sponsored activities and events.
  • All clothing and jewelry must be free of praphics/messages relating to gangs, drugs, alcohol, or illegal substances.
  • No baseball caps, visors, beanies, sweatbands, or headgear to be used in classes and during instructional time (except during PE, outdoor activites, and/or for health and safety reasons).
  • Undergarments should be kept covered.
  • School uniform must be worn as purchased and may not be defaced or altered.
  • Tops:  Should cover the torso with no bare midriff, should not be tube tops, see-through or have straps less than 1 inch wide.
  • Bottoms:  Shorts must have an inseam of at least 4 inches, even if worn over tights; skirts should not be shorter than fingertips when arms held at side.
  • Footwear is required on campus.  Wheelie shoes are not allowed on campus and athletic shoes must be worn on the basketball court and for PE.


All Students, in uniform, uniform waiver or on optional dress days, must comply with the General Appearance Policy.   Consequences for students who do not follow the Uniform and General Appearance Policy will be dealt with according to Chapter 19 (state discipline procedures).


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