If your child becomes ill at school, office personnel will notify you by telephone.  Since the school is not equipped to care for sick children at school, parents must come for the child. In the event of an injury, office personnel will notify you by telephone. If the injury is serious and we are unable to contact the parent or any of the people listed on the emergency card, we will call the ambulance.


The School may be authorized to administer medications in school. If you have certain medications that must be administered during school hours, please see the school health aide or the Department of Health Public Health Nurse to request for any medication to be administered to children during school hours.  There is a process and forms to complete for schools to administer any medication. The school WILL NOT accept any medication to dispense to children unless there is approval.

UKU POLICY (head lice)

Parents are responsible for screening their own children regularly for nits and “ukus”. Please inform the school of any infestation so our Health Aide can take preventative action for other students. If a student has ukus, the child is sent home with Form SHS­‐35A after contacting parents. Children are expected back to school on the same day once they are treated properly. If students do not return to school, this will be considered an unexcused absence. Form SHS­‐35A recommends treatment with over­‐the­‐counter pediculosis shampoos. Brochures and fliers, covering instructions relating to all family members and how to care for the home, are available in the school health room or the Department of Health.