Student transportation is available for students living at least one mile away from their “home” school as designated by the Department of Education or for students island-wide who are enrolled in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program. All student bus riders must apply for a bus pass every school year.  The application is ONLY available from the school office. Only original application forms are accepted. Copies of the application are not accepted. Parents MUST read the DOE Transportation Handbook and submit a completed bus application to the school.

The safety of our children involves parents knowing the State’s safety rules and discussing them with their children so that they understand how to ride our school buses safely. Your child may be suspended from bus transportation if safety rules are not followed. Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. (MEO) also provides free bus service to students. Please call or visit the MEO office to get information on bus routes, schedules, and bus pass application.  Phone number for MEO is 553-3216.



In the interest of student safety and to alleviate some of the morning parking lot congestion, we implemented a revised traffic plan and a Junior Police Officer (JPO) program. The Junior Police Officer program is designed to provide students grades five and six the opportunity for leadership and civic responsibility. Through this program, all students are exposed to safety procedures, such as using a crosswalk or following traffic signs, and helping behaviors, such as opening car doors for others and welcoming students to school. In partnership with the Maui Police Department, students and supervising staff have been trained to conduct traffic during the morning drop off. 


The JPO’s will be on duty between 7:25am and 7:40am, however, will not be on duty during rainy days. When JPO’s are not on duty, we request that you use the primary or secondary drop off zones only. Please review the traffic diagram below, so you know where and how to drop off your student. 

Other major procedures are outlined below: 

  • Pull your vehicle all the way forward, under the direction of JPO’s,in order to not block traffic flow into the parking area 
  • Enter the HLIP parking area through the main parking lot only (not through bottom road)
  • Several buses arrive about 7:30am, so try to time your drop off prior to that time.
  • Double parking is not allowed at anytime in the parking lot. 


After school, students who are not picked up within 5 minutes of the after­‐school bell will be waiting in the cafeteria with adult supervisors for their private rides or bus pick up. Adult supervision ends by 3:15pm each day or by 1:00pm for Wednesday early release days. Students must be picked up by these times.