Emergency Procedures

Parents and guardians are responsible for annually updating their child’s emergency contact information and as changes occur.


  • Before school opens, listen to news media (radio, television, school website & Facebook)
    Facebook: Kualapu’u Public Conversion Charter School 
  • If school is in session and school must be closed, the following will occur:
    • School /DOE will notify news media to announce closure.
  • Parents and/or designee listed on emergency contact card will be contacted to pick up students at school.
  • There will be NO bus delivery.


In the event that the campus must be immediately cleared, the following will occur:

  • School/DOE will notify emergency personnel (Fire, police, DOH, etc.)
  • Primary evacuation upper field campus­­‐far fence line. (Secondary Site is Kualapu’u Recreation Center.)
  • A sign will be posted at the front of the school of evacuation site.
  • Parents and/or a designee listed on emergency contact card will be contacted to pick up students at school.
  • There will be NO bus delivery.
  • News media will also be notified.


Please be aware of the following:
Kualapuu School is NOT in a Tsunami Evacuation Zone.

  • In the event of a tsunami watch or warning, the school will be preparing to remain open beyond the school day, if needed.
  • Parents are advised NOT to attempt to pick up children.  Failure to heed this direction will cause confusion, major traffic congestion, prevent emergency vehicles from reaching their destination, and expose people to unnecessary danger.

NOT a designated Civil Defense Emergency Shelter

Please note that Kualapuu School is NOT a designated Civil Defense Emergency Shelter.  The designated Shelter is Molokai High School.