• SchoolMessenger—Automated phone messages for reminders as well as emergencies. Please keep your phone contacts updated.
  • SchoolMessenger Text Messaging— If you would like to receive text messages from the school, the school must have your current cell phone number on file. To subscribe using just your cell phone, simply enter the short code “TBD” in place of the phone number and the word “Join” in the body of the message.
  • Facebook—Please “like” Kualapu’u Public Conversion Charter School Page
  • Our Website— Psst… you’re already here ;), but just in case it is
  • Road Sign—Drive by to see our big sign of important dates of the week.
  • Community Outreach Newsletters –  Newsletter will also be available on school website.
  • School and Homerooms Flyers –  Sent home as needed.
  • Other – Some teachers may have their own private group and/or webpages.


If you wish to leave a message for your child, please call the office. If there is a change of transportation for your child from their normal routine (for instance, to take another bus home, or that a relative is picking up your child), please call the school by 10:00 am. Early planning and notifying the office will ensure that messages will be delivered. If you call after 1:00pm, there may be a chance your child and your child’s teacher may not get the message.